Bespoke Dad Bod Makeover

Level 1-$121

Level 2-$355

Level 3-$1300

Level 4-$2875


Choose one of our 4 Dad Bod Makeover levels:

Level 1 - MVP

Includes Custom Facial, Brow Wax and Hand Massage with Paraffin.

Level 2 - TOP SHELF

Includes 30 units of BROTOX, Foot Massage with Paraffin + ALL services listed in MVP.

Level 3 - ALL-STAR

Choose either 4 Laser Hair Removal Treatments (back or chest) OR 3 PRP (platelet rich plasma) Scalp Treatments for Hair Loss + ALL services listed in MVP & TOP SHELF.

Level 4 - THE G.O.A.T

Includes 7 Laser Hair Removal Treatments (back or chest), 3 PRP (platelet rich plasma) Scalp Treatments for Hair Loss + ALL services listed in MVP & TOP SHELF.




Have you ever looked into the mirror after a hard day and wondered what happened to your healthy, youthful appearance?

Life hasn't always been easy: especially on your skin. You've earned everyone those wrinkles. Late nights, relationships and kids all impact the appearance of  your skin. And getting older doesn't help either.

The consequences: Skin begins to lose its elasticity, allowing wrinkles and folds to form.

Bespoke Relax



Relax completely and rejuvenate your body with our ultimate relaxation package. Your 2 hour package is designed to pamper you and help you escape from the daily stresses in your life.

This 2 hour package includes:


1 hour massage

Custom facial

Eye treatment

Therapeutic Head Massage

Bespoke Hair Removal



This package is perfect for the gentleman who is looking to permanently remove unwanted chest pr back hair and keep those unruly brows in check.

6 Brow Waxes

6 Back or Chest Laser Hair Treatments

Foot Massage with Paraffin

Bespoke Custom



Looking for the perfect package just for you?  You can create a package that meets all your needs by choosing any three treatments from the tiers below.


Create your own package with any 3 services – 1 from each tier

Tier 1

Custom facial, fire/ice facial, microdermabrasion

Tier 2

Foot massage with paraffin, Therapeutic head massage, Eye treatment

Tier 3

1 hour massage, hot stone massage

The Hat Trick 



This 3-step facial package is specifically designed for men to cleanse, exfoliate, smooth and hydrate your skin.

This 1 hour package includes:

3-Step Custom facial

Hand or Foot Massage with Paraffin.