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Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Originally working as a Level II Preventative Dental Assistant since 2007, Ashley decided to make the transition into the world of permanent makeup after the arrival of her second child in late 2017. After initially training for Microblading with MinxBrows in 2018, Ashley completed an apprenticeship for Microblading and Machine Powder Brows with Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Liron Bartman of Beauty Brows by Li in October 2020. Since then, she has trained with award winning SMP artist Ryan from RK Scalp in September 2021, and Lip Blush Training with Jen at Buona Beauty in June 2022.She has also taken countless other courses online for brows, lips, and Paramedical (scar and stretch mark camouflage) over the years.

Fuelled by her creative passions and her love of working with people, Ashley works with her clients to help them achieve their goals of having; beautifully symmetrical new brows, full-looking defined lips, camouflaged scars and/or stretch marks, or the appearance of shaved hair on a thinning/bald scalp. You can feel confident in knowing she will do whatever she can to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. 

Interested in getting Cosmetic Tattooing? 
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