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Radiesse is the ideal dermal filler for smoothing out laugh lines (nasolabial folds), marionette lines, lifting the corners of the mouth and pre-jowl folds, as well as enhancing the contours of the cheek, chin and jawline. Radiesse can also be used to restore volume loss in the back of the hands.
Ideal wrinkle reduction is achieved by replenishing your skin’s lost volume. Upon injection, Radiesse® Dermal Filler immediately provides the volume and lift required to diminish the signs of aging with a biodegradable gel and calcium-based microspheres. What’s unique about Radiesse is that it acts as a scaffold under the skin, stimulating and providing a structure where your own natural collagen can grow. This process continues for several months, extending the initial effects of Radiesse. Best of all, the natural-looking results are clinically proven to last a year or more in many patients. That’s why more cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical professionals are choosing Radiesse to achieve long-lasting facial contouring and hand rejuvenation.

Radiesse® Men

Male skin aging is a gradual, ongoing process that is strongly affected by environmental factors. Sun exposure, poor nutrition, and occupational or personal stress take their toll on male skin, especially on the skin’s main structural competent – collagen. The consequences: firm skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles and folds begin to form. Fortunately, men can address these concerns by choosing a treatment strategy with Radiesse, which leads to natural looking results without compromising masculinity. Radiesse is the only dermal filler that works in such a way that it can immediately reduce facial wrinkles and continue to provide structure over time, with results that last a year or more in many patients.

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